Only very slightly, quazi off topic for my blog, but reading is my favorite thing next to ball-busting. I will collect here (and update) a tidy list by topic of books I recommend.

Also, if you live in Philadelphia and need something to read head over to my favorite place, The Spiral Bookcase in Manayunk.  You will not be disappointed.

Strong Women

Last of the Amazons by Steven Pressfield – If you are ever so slightly very aggressive like me, you are really going to love this book.  The storytelling and writing is fantastic and it makes you want to go back to a (admittedly, possibly fictitious) time when these women were fighting and besting men.

Boudica: Queen of the Iceni by Joseph E. Roesch – Boudica is a historical British figure.  This novel beautifully portrays her story as she and her daughters led their people in efforts to eliminate the Romans from Britain.  She was ruthless and effective right up until her death.

Gone With the Wind by Margaret Mitchell – I have very conflicting feelings about Scarlett O’Hara these days, especially since becoming a mother.  She’s got a feisty nature and razor tongue which I love.  However, in matters of love, she’s a fool and she is truly a terrible mother.  I recommend skipping the lengthy descriptions of civil war battles, I certainly did.

Sea of Poppies by Amitav Ghosh – Deeti’s character perseveres through the tragically normal treatment of women in most times and places, she finds love in unexpected places and she builds a sense of family and community among a ragtag group of runaways. She personifies the feminine ability to create peace, community and a sense of home anywhere and under any condition.

Wise Women

Bird by Bird by Anne Lammott – Pretty much everything by Anne Lammott is golden in my book.  I first read Bird by Bird in high school and have purchased at least 5 copies since (I keep giving them away).  If you are at all interested and have any level of neurosis about writing this book will speak to you.  It will also make you laugh out loud.

Help, Thanks, Wow: The Three Essential Prayers by Anne Lammott – You don’t have to be religious to appreciate Anne’s sage advice and brutally hilarious honesty.

Passionate Women

Dona Flor and Her Two Husbands by Jorge Amado – This is hands down one of my favorite works of fiction ever written.  It is written by a man with a truly impressive understanding of women.  He handles Dona Flor’s character with the respect that a complex woman deserves.  Plus it has the delicious elements of Brazil that combine all beliefs and religions into one grab-bag spiritual experience.


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