Post-Election Manifesto of a White Christian Woman

Post-Election Manifesto of a White Christian Woman

Before we start, let me get all my demographic cards on the table.  I am a white Christian woman.  I am a mother.  I am not registered with any political party but I have voted in every presidential election after I turned 18.  I do not have a college degree, but I was given the opportunity.  I grew up somewhere between lower-middle to directly middle class.  We were never without the necessities, but we always ordered the cheapest entrée on the menu if we went out to eat.  I have lived during my childhood and adult life in both the busiest and most liberal metropolitan areas of our country and I have also lived in extremely rural and conservative areas of the country.  Without telling you my life story that probably gives you just enough information to make some assumptions.

This is a partisan free post and will be entirely devoid of the “T” word.  Regardless of how you voted, you can share and commit to this manifesto.

WILL NOT close my eyes or look away from the hateful events that a small but angry minority have committed in the wake of this election.

WILL NOT stand by quietly while another enacts hate or violence on others because of their race, religion, gender identification, country of origin, or sexual preference.

WILL NOT become bitter or complacent because my brand of change isn’t happening fast enough.

WILL listen closely to other’s stories of pain and will not discount them merely because that pain is not part of my own personal human experience.

WILL seek to love my neighbor as myself, and seek to know and understand those that I see as “other”as human beings.

WILL  struggle daily to eradicate self-righteousness because it hurts everyone including myself.

WILL express gratitude sincerely and as often as possible.

If we can agree on these, then we have a path forward.  I humbly ask you to join me in committing to these and thinking on them deeply.