Amazon in BattleIn Greek mythology the Amazons were an entirely female society.  They were feared women warriors thriving without male assistance.  They were strong, fierce, and independent.

To me, the Modern Amazon is a woman who acknowledges and embraces her feminine strength.  It’s a strength that stands on its own and doesn’t need to be in constant comparison with male success. She is confident and assertive while embracing levity and humility.  She fiercely protects what is best for her and her loved ones.  She is not afraid that her feminine inclinations (if she has them) make her appear weak, because she knows otherwise.

In our modern world we aren’t fighting to keep our geographical location safe, we’re fighting for time with our children, fighting sexism at work and at home, fighting to understand and articulate the unique challenges of being a woman in 2017.  I hope that this is a place where we can be honest about those challenges, celebrate our accomplishments, and build a community.


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