Being a Modern Amazon is about more than empowering women. It’s about how we as women can use our voices to lift up others and fight for justice for all.

I was sitting at work when I first found out about Philando Castile and saw the Facebook Live video that Diamond Reynold recorded. I immediately started crying and had to leave my office. I walked a few blocks away and called my mom because I just couldn’t process the blatant racism and police abuse that I had just witnessed. The bubble of white privilege that I inhabit had protected me from getting this close to it before. I can absolutely acknowledge that.

I was so deeply upset.  About everything, about the clearly race-based fear that caused the cop to shoot Philando and tragically take the life of a good man (a man so good they could only dig up virtues when they went looking for flaws). About his girlfriend who was so aware of the danger she and her daughter were in that she kept her voice controlled and used respectful language after the man she cared about was killed right before her eyes.

About the young girl in the back of the car who had watched it all happen and was so afraid for her mother that she felt she needed to advise her mom on how to behave and beg her to calm down so wouldn’t get shot.  A 4 year old was afraid that if her mother used swear words she would be shot. She was taking too much responsibility on her little shoulders that day.

It was an event that was so deeply, undeniably, unquestionably wrong that the only thing to be thankful for was that it happened in a time when technology would surely deliver justice to the victims. And yet… we’ve just discovered that racism in America is stronger than the video recorded truth that is directly in front of them.

Philando Castile’s murderer was acquitted despite overwhelming and extremely public evidence that the man he killed had done nothing wrong, had completely complied, and had given the officer no reason to fear for his life.

witnessed this injustice. If you watched the videos then you witnessed this injustice.


witnessed this injustice. If you watched the videos then you witnessed this injustice.

So, I’m not going to use being white and feeling safe as an excuse to stay quiet.

I’m going to post on Twitter and Facebook #JusticeForPhilando every day for a year or until Jeronimo Yanez is found guilty.

We were all witnesses to a terrible crime. We need to speak up.





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